Paranormal Group Family

The Paranormal Group is a family of  different entities servicing the Paranormal World

Arizona Paranormal Investigation & Research Society

Paranormal investigating for over 40 years. Engaging forensic techniques, historical records and the most innovative technology available

AZ Ghost Tours

Come for a ghost hunt  or tour at some of the most haunted locations in AZ.   Many have been  on paranormal TV shows.  Use the latest equipment and hunt with seasoned investigators. It’s your turn to investigate....if you dare

Ghost Hunters Outlet

Ghost Hunters Outlet provides gear at the lowest prices we can so that you can get the equipment you need. We carry most major manufactures and custom products from Paranormal Research & Development

Ghost Hunters Adventures

Our ghost hunts– paranormal investigation are for the serious paranormal investigator. Small intimate groups explore some of the most haunted locations in the US. Many have been featured on paranormal TV shows

Paramico Productions

We are a production company that specializes in paranormal content and historic curiosities. We will visit some of the darkest, scariest corners of the southwest

Paranormal Research & Development

Paranormal Research & Development develops custom products to further paranormal research. 


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