Our Equipment

AZ Paranormal Investigation & Research Society uses the latest equipment available
Variety Of Equipment
AZPIRS can provide two investigations at once.  We have two teams of experienced investigators and two full kits of gear.
Paranormal Equipment Store
We carry only products from prominent manufacturers in the field..  Paranormal research & Development designs cutting edge products for us.

Cameras & accessories

Full spectrum Cameras - Thermal Imaging Cameras - SLS Kinect Cameras - Infrared, ultraviolet and Full Spectrum Illuminators

Detection Equipment

REM Pods - Music Box - Shadow Sensors - vibration sensors -Ultrasonic Sensors, etc

Various EMF Meters

K-ll (K2) Meter - TrifieldĀ® Natural - EDI Meter - Mel Meters, many with additional functions

Audio - ITC

Spirit Box - Portals- Digital Recorders - ANC-Mini - Bionic Microphones - Raudive Diode Microphone & Audio Device

Ghost Hunting Equipment Store

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